About Us/Referral Letters
    Mayer Mill Brass is a small family owned company starting out 35 years ago with one item.  
    We have grown, with an inventory now exceeding 600 pieces.  We distribute this unique
    collection of fine gifts and accessories to over 2000 stores worldwide, while still
    maintaining our high standard of quality and service – which may explain why we are still
    standing while so many other brass companies have foundered.

    Each of our pieces is solid, sand cast brass, flawlessly handcrafted by our artisans in our
    factory located in New Delhi, India – a factory which we funded 33 years ago and continue
    to maintain at integral part of its operation.

    Our Door Knockers have become a superior part of our line, ranging from the small
    bedroom door knocker to the massive door knockers suitable for the most discriminating
    homeowner.  Our designs are unlimited – from the traditional, the nautical, and equestrian, to
    the trendy tennis and golf.  In addition, due to popular demand, we’ve added a series of Dog
    Door Knockers.

    Traditional brass and equestrian have gone hand in hand for years – we have expanded our
    line to include equestrian, English and Western, in all facets of our line.

    While shying away from a Nautical brass line for years, we finally came up with a fine
    assortment of high-end pieces, which adorn homes up and down our coastlines, as well as
    the islands.  We have cast bells in three sizes, the largest being a seven-inch bell with a
    wonderful ring – it can also be cast with any name or logo.

    Candlesticks and Bookends were some of our original creations and continue to please the
    savvy buyer, as well as interior designers.  Our own designs, as well as reproductions of
    antiques, highlight this line.  We have traveled far and wide for unique additions and
    continue to do so.  Bookends are sold by the pair – though we will split them up if requested
    – and candlesticks are sold individually.

    Our new doorstops are beautiful and are cast from the same molds as the bookends, except

    Stocking Hooks have and (we expect) will continue to add to any ones Christmas decor.  
    Currently there are thirty designs, as well as 3 sizes of plain hooks – all guaranteed to hold
    unlimited weight for some lucky stocking holder!

    Our brass Desk Items have always been popular, being both functional and elegant.  Due to
    their simple design, many of these land themselves to personalization with a name or

    A selection of personal items include several suitable as men’s gifts, including shoehorns,
    brass boxes, bottle openers and unique golf and tennis pieces.

    Trivets have always been a hospitality gift mainstay – we have eleven designs.

    Our Book Stands – a reproduction from Europe – come in three finishes, one to fit any decor.

    We have a small, but unique, line of Hardware from the traditional to the nautical and
    equestrian flair, as well as a beautiful Finial line.  Our Paper Towel Holder has become
    very popular, with a choice of a multitude of tops.

    There are no more beautiful Fire Place accessories than ours.  From the fire tool sets and
    individual poker with a choice of 15 heads, the unique blow pokes, to our magnificent
    andirons – with assemblies to fit either wood or gas fireplaces.

    All and all, our brass gift line speaks for itself.  The quality, weight and beauty have stood
    the test of time.

    Since we are a small company, we oversee all phases of manufacturing and we offer drop
    shipping and engraving in our North Carolina Warehouse, as well as custom casting.

    As always, we continue to add pieces to our line – many ideas of which come from our
    customers themselves – we do our best to please!  Now you can compare and realize the
    extraordinary value and quality that our reputation is built upon.